About Us

Quick Forex is one of the fastest growing online ForEx and travel portals in Asia, offering travelers an extensive selection of hotels, activities and travel services to meet every budget and activities of every kind at competitive rates. With over hundreds of partners worldwide and a comprehensive offering currency made available on the website, travelers can book everything they need for a holiday- currency of any country, rooms to meet every budget, activities of every kind and travel services to complement. For ultimate lux feeling we offer Private Air Charter services and Home delivery of Forex.

CEO's Message

When it comes to achieving dreams all you need is determination, willpower and a lot of patience. What I've got today is what I'd thought of way back in school, I knew my strong points; communication, money market, and intellect, I polished them during my research period of Quick Forex and here now I sit in my cabin letting people know how far I've come and how much is yet to be achieved.

Before establishing my entity I always used to indulge in fantasy of the huge currency market and how troublesome it becomes for first time travelers to arrange for documentation, bookings, etc. why not have a hassle free model for getting all travel and currency needs sorted. That’s when I'd got Quick Forex. Everyone is aware of how digitally we can buy and sell stuff, but in the Forex industry not everyone serves online. I love to travel myself, but you know easy and fuss-free travel is the best thing a frequent traveler would want. Through Quick Forex I made travelling for people so smooth and easy they would love to travel more often than earlier. Whether it's business travel, honeymoon, leisure, we have the best of all packages. I’ve bridged the time gap for customers between they’re travel sorting and leisure.

The feedback we get from our customers makes us think of more ways to ease their travel. Explore our website and give us the chance to brighten your travel and Forex experience!